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Website: www.ampradisplay.com

Customer: Whoever visits the website whether they have / don’t have the website.

Member: Whoever has created the account and utilized online shopping on our website.

Terms of Use

www.ampradisplay.com is owned and operated by AMPRA DISPLAY.COM. While using the services on our website including but not limited to certain services, in such case you will be subjected to particular terms and conditions, which will be contemplated as part of these terms of usage. When you continuously operate the website following its alterations will ensure your assent of the changes.

At the same time we have full rights to alter / chance or remove certain part of terms and conditions at any time without any intimation if required. You should provide confirmation on that you are 18 years of age also your usage of this website are applicable to all terms and conditions provided hereby.


Ampra has not reviewed all the website links provided in our website and also not authoritative for the provided links. The website users themselves are responsible for the usage of those links at their own risk.

Use of license
  • Visitors are only allowed to have a look and temporarily download the products for their personal use.
  • Downloaded materials are not allowed for commercial transaction.
  • You may not delete or alter copy rights from the materials.
  • Usage of Meta tag using the name of our concern is strictly prohibited.
  • Practice of products for commercial purpose & common display is restricted.
  • Framing techniques should not be used to confine company’s information.
  • Negligence of these protocols leads to auto cancellation of license.
  • We also have rights to stop this license any time.
  • The content and the products in this website are provided “AS ON – AS IS” basis without any warranties applicable.
  • You solely agree that browsing through this website which includes access from or through this website is completely under your risk.
  • Company does not provide guarantee for the products in the website.
  • Our concern does not warrant the accuracy, reliability for the content on website.
  • We are not responsible for clerical error on the website.
Contact Information

For queries, feel free to contact us at

Mail ID: ramprasad@ampradisplay.com

Phone No: 9880409461

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